Maxi Terminal Hamm: Construction of gantry crane begins


Since last week the construction work for the crane runway and the large gantry crane started on site of the large new container terminal "Maxi Terminal Hamm" (MTH) at our location in Hamm.

Once completed, the "Maxi Terminal Hamm" will be the world's first public handling terminal to offer a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of up to 75 tons.

In addition to this unique selling point, the complete portfolio of chemical logistics will be offered centrally on the ten-hectare site at Germany's second-largest canal port. Comprehensive services in the areas of logistics, handling, storage and the mixing and filling center (MAZ) offer many opportunities in the chemicals sector.

The full operation of the "Maxi Terminal Hamm" is currently targeted for November 2021.

Background "Maxi Terminal Hamm":

  • Central hub in the future for chemical logistics in Europe
  • Perfect connection, e.g. to markets in Asia
  • Effective trimodal road, rail and waterway links
  • Capacity after completion: approx. 52,000 loading units
  • Handling of all container sizes, incl. large 75-ton tank containers (B-TC)
  • Storage capacity for more than 1,000 hazardous goods containers
  • Numerous value-added services on site

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