Terminal operation


  • Manufacturer: Kalmar
  • Maximum load capacity on the spreader: 45 tons
  • Weight: 85 tons
  • Elevated cabin for a better overview in the second and third row or track
  • Fully air-conditioned and modern workplace for the driver

Gantry crane

  • Manufacturer: Künz
  • Currently the highest container gantry crane in a public inland terminal in Europe (up to six times stacking under the crane possible)
  • Maximum load capacity on the spreader: up to 75 tons
  • Weight: 550 tons
  • Control of the crane via a remote control position in the office
  • Semi-automatic operation possible in conjunction with the warehouse management software


  • Modern warehouse management software for optimizing and monitoring the warehouse
  • Video portal for damage assessment, verification of containers and truck license plates for a simplified booking process

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